IKM iRig PRO Audio , MIDI , XLR inteface pro Mac , iPhone , iPad

IKM iRig PRO Audio , MIDI , XLR inteface pro Mac , iPhone , iPad
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    IKM iRig PRO Audio , MIDI , XLR inteface pro Mac , iPhone , iPad

    The IK Multimedia iRig PRO is the all-in-one audio and MIDI interface for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac. It is a compact and portable device that allows you to connect your microphones, instruments, keyboards and your MIDI controller to play, practise and record on the go.

    Pocket-sized and battery-powered, it gives professional musicians and songwriters an interface that can cope with a variety of audio signals, so that you can create music when out of the studio. The audio and MIDI inputs can be used simultaneously so you can control your guitar or vocal software with MIDI foot controllers or pedals, for switching presets or controlling effects levels.

    The iRig PRO comes with three detachable cables, compatible with Lightning, 30-pin and USB connectors, so you can connect your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac with no need for adaptors. It can also handle all of your inputs, from XLR condenser mics to balanced 1/4" TRS instrument cables for your keyboards and MIDI inputs.

    iRig PRO is the first full-featured compact audio and MIDI interface you can use with your XLR microphones, your guitar and bass, your keyboard or other line-level source and your MIDI controllers. It features an XLR/1/4" combo jack for connecting microphones and instruments (accepts XLR and 1/4" TS cables), and a MIDI input for plugging in your favorite controller.

    Now when you're on the go, you can record vocals, harmonies, acoustic instruments, electric guitar/bass, keyboards and more without changing your interface and disrupting your creative flow. You will find iRig PRO to be the most versatile iPhone and iPad accessory in your gig bag. And when you get back to your Mac, plug iRig PRO into your USB port and keep jamming away on your laptop or desktop.

    You'll be amazed by the compact design of the unit and what it actually delivers. About the size of a travel tube of toothpaste, iRig PRO fits nicely into small spaces like your gig bag, the accessory compartment of your hardshell case or the side pocket of your cargo shorts. Just don't forget about it and run it through the laundry.

    Multiple personalities, universal connectivity
    iRig PRO can handle all of your stuff, including XLR condenser mics, guitars and basses, keyboards and other line-level sources, and MIDI controllers. Whatever you're connecting to your device, iRig PRO has you covered. And iRig PRO comes with 3 connector cables: Lightning, 30-pin and USB, to ensure that you've got the right connections.

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